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Combine strength and beauty in the fighters!

Combine strength and beauty in the fighters!


Recent hot topics in the game circle, in addition to the maxed circle of friends "animal forest friends" there is another classic classic game re-emerged in the public eye! It was a remake of final fantasy 7, a role-playing game (RPG) that had a huge impact on the gaming world.


Remember that the idea of a final fantasy 7 remake had been around for quite some time, but it wasn't until April that the game finally made its long-awaited debut. Although it is a reset, it is not a one-to-one reproduction of the original. In addition to the screen innovation brought by the next generation console, the combat style of the game is more "action". Without the battle entry and settlement shots, the entire game is pushed forward smoothly, giving the player a more refreshing experience of hacking and killing.


In this reset version, the long-lost goddess tifa finally appeared. Her appearance instantly ignited the enthusiasm of all players. As expected the world's most charming game heroine no. 1 fame is not boastful. 

The overall look of this tifa is still the familiar gesture of pulling gloves, and her delicate face is decorated with skilled fighters. Still have the appearance of this angel, devil figure does not know how many people sink in here. 

Willowbrows, apricot eyes, plus the standard melon seed face and high nose bridge, all the beautiful features of Oriental women are gathered in difa! In the remaking version shortly after its release, tifa's smaller chest caused a lot of frustration among players. The official explanation was that tifa wore a tight-fitting vest for the fight. But in this piece, tifa is still a familiar look! 

The platform, on the other hand, fits perfectly with final fantasy vii, a futuristic machine. There were signs of wear and tear on the machines, presumably as a result of tifa's earlier battle.


This method is the first work of oxygen studio, in the production process actively listen to the comments of the players to modify, the subsequent will be published after the modification of the actual picture, in order to be able to do the best! I also hope to see more works of oxygen in the future!

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