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Pokemon—mysterious and incredible creatures living in pokemon world

There are more than 800 kinds of pokemon. They can be seen in the sky, sea, mountain, forest, grassland and town.Through the constant adventure and travel of the protagonists, their images are presented in front of us one by one, and bring us a lot of moving. I wonder if you like pockmon, like me, and can't help but imagine what they will be like living together in a carefree and beautiful place.Genesis studio's new work “Forest” just meets our fantasy.


Gurgling water, green mountains, lush green plants, the first time you see this work, you can feel that it is very leisurely and natural. The lively and lovely pockmon are living peacefully and friendly on such a beautiful island. If you look carefully, you can find that these pockmon are all related to the nature of the forest.


At the bottom of the island, a giant Venusaur with a few lovely Ivysaur and Bulbasaur is full of joy to open the mouth to chat, the character personality is very obvious, and the light green moss on the soil is made very fine. Take a close look at the corner, there is also a lovely Vileplume!


At the top, the colorful one is not the xerneas in the legend of the goblin system! The corner on its head is emitting light of seven colors, which seems to bring light harmony to this beautiful island.


In fine fig as like as two peas on the other side of the island, Sunflora, a seemingly gentle and tired Victreebel, and Bellsprout, who are hiding between trees and Gloom with sleepiness, are all alike in the image of the original in terms of their appearance.


The whole work can be roughly divided into three layers. The first layer is the comfortable ecosystem of Bulbasaurs, and the babbling water and lotus leaves add a bit of natural flowing beauty. The second layer is composed of Snowlax collapsed on the ground, surrounded by lovely sunward seeds. The second layer is Xerneas and Celebi. In addition, pokemon of other forest systems is added to build an ecological environment

Looking at such an ecological island, I wonder if you are moved?

>> The original statue of Grimmjow has been released! Holding “Tora” in a proud gesture

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