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The original statue of Grimmjow has been released! Holding “Tora” in a proud gesture

The original statue of Grimmjow has been released! Holding Tora in a proud gesture

As anyone who has seen BLEACH knows, Grimmjow is a very special character. He loves to fight and challenge strong opponents, especially Kurosaki ichigo.

Grimmjow is handsome, with short, sky-blue hair, several bangs hanging down the front of her forehead, and a jagged array of remnants of a mask on the right side of her face. His eyes were blue, too, and he often wore a charming smile. In the anime, he has a tyrannical personality and is quite confident of his own strength.

And in this piece that we're going to talk about today, Grimmjow looks very proud, too.

Dressed in a white robe, he stepped on the stone with his right foot and raised “Tora” with his right hand. His eyes shone brightly and he looked forward confidently and openly. Even the scar cut out by Kurosaki ichigo on his chest seemed very realistic. The white bone mask in the right lower jaw also shows more evil charm under such a scene. The image in the cartoon is perfectly displayed.


Whether viewed from the side or the back, this work can be seen to be exquisite in workmanship. Even the folds of the clothes blown by the wind appear lifelike. If you look carefully at the back exposed, there is a black number "6" on it, which exactly correspond to Grimmjow's rank among Espada -- No.6.


Of course, we can't ignore the exquisite platform under his feet. The soft and delicate sand covered up most of the broken stone pillars, and half of the skull was buried in the sand,too. Combined with Grimmjow's expression, his power and disdain were highlighted.


Scale: 1/6

Size:H38 W25 D24/40cm

Materials: Resin

Global limited quantity: 800PCS

Release Date: 2021,Q4

Deposit: 242USD

Price: 605USD

I don't know whether such a statue of Grimmjow can make you move? Now this statue is available for pre-order. Don't miss it if you like!

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